Hi there, welcome to my data science and life blog.me_sunset_parnu_sunglasses

I’m Justin Barton, Data Engineer and Scientist. I’ve also been a: professional engineer of various kinds, software & product developer, writer, mentor, consultant, tax specialist, and I also call myself a budding philosopher.

Always searching for the meaning of life, I’m curious to know how things work. I’ve contemplated and debated meaning more than you can imagine. I also have a keen interest to learn from other people’s world view.

Data science is the best thing I can do to contribute to the world. It not only excites me, but I also see it as the most important field to solve many worldly challenges. I don’t just want to sit idly by and watch; I want to be in the thick of it. Data Science from a philosophical point of view links back to everything about how we know the universe.

I want to use this blog to teach others my life experiences related to: data science, science & technology, life purpose, business and communication. I’ll also be sharing some of my personal data science projects as I keep learning the latest in predictive analytics. I hope we get something from this, share it, and challenge each-other in various ways to grow these ideas and ourselves.

Get in touch: ‘me’ (without quotes) at justindatascience dot com or 0434857186.