Hire Me


What I can do for you

My best skills are in processing data and analysis (see my CV). My engineering and software background helps me with this. There is a lot of crossover with these. Where I really shine, is processing and analysing data, gaining new insight and making decisions from that. My domain knowledge and experience is vast, and I will research and learn any domain required for the project at hand. I also have experience dealing with data in, electrical/mechanical/marine engineering, software, google analytics, business & sales, project management, tax & finance, client management, films, sports. Here is the list of things I can do, if there is anything else just ask:

  • Work with other data specialists in your team to build predictive models and data products.
  • Tell you what is possible with your data or technology.
  • Help you figure out what questions to ask from your data.
  • Answer your questions with data that you have about your client base, project, product, staff or otherwise.
  • Extract your data into pandas for analysis from any source (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Excel, Access, csv, xml, HTML etc).
  • Write data related programs/scripts in Python, SQL, R, VBA, Java, C# based on your project/infrastructure needs.
  • Manipulate data into whatever format/structure is needed.
  • Clean data – dealing with: missing data, spelling/formatting/structure errors, and structuring unstructured data.
  • Scrape and clean data from webpages
  • Find data for you. Research what available data sources you can use for your project.
  • Create visualisations of your data to aid in decision making.
  • Automate the flow of information between databases and software.
  • Automate your Excel and Access databases.
  • Automate your other bespoke database operations with your development team.
  • Present the results of the analysis and recommendations for decisions to your key stakeholders
  • Train the team on any of the above. I love to share what I know.

What I can’t do for you

As above, my best value to you is on the analysis. The following is a list of things I can do for my own projects, but you’re not getting the best value from me if I do it for you. I can offer free advice to you on any of this though. If there is a little bit of the below, I won’t mind, however it can’t be the focus.

  • Setup or manage company wide development/test environments.
  • Build front ends. But I know a guy for that!
  • Create long and complex SQL code. SQL still has its place in the tech world (especially extracting data from web tech). But for analysis I’d rather help you switch to pandas for speed and simplicity.

Where I can work

Anywhere! I’m a people person and love being around colleagues while working, both for morale and getting the best team results. However in many complex tasks within a project, quiet focus is needed for long periods. This is where remote work excels. Also for personal reasons, the ability to travel and meet people, or stay with friends and family is dear to my heart. I want to continue this lifestyle. My preference is a role with remote flexibility. If you’d like me to work with the team in the office at least in the first few weeks/months, I’m okay with that too. It will need a bit of planning as we need to consider time and cost of relocating. Currently I reside in Melbourne, and I have networks in Australia, UK and Spain.

The type of arrangement I can take

I’d prefer a contract of at least 1 month. The reason is, data science takes time. If it were any shorter I’m probably not giving you the value you deserve. If it’s longer than 6 months, then it’s leaning towards a permanent position. I’m open to permanent, but it really needs to be the right fit for both of us. I need to know about the company’s long and short term goals.

How do you contact me?

My email address is: ‘me’ (without quotes) at justindatascience dot com (if you first need a quick chat phone 0434857186). I’m not going to ask you to fill in a form to contact me, since I value your time. Instead, please send me an email, I’ll reply promptly and we can organise a proper chat. What would be helpful however is sending as much information as possible about the project or role I’d be suitable for. Here is the information that’s really useful:

  • Details of company – a name, website or company description.
  • Location of role – where the role would primarily be, and if it is remote or remote flexible.
  • Length of contract – minimum or maximum length if applicable, or if unknown please specify.
  • Project details – what is/are the project(s) about. Both financial and non-financial goals are important.
  • What is the role – what you need me to do. Use any of the above list items if applicable. If the role is not clearly defined, that’s okay we can discuss.
  • The project team – names, personal websites or LinkedIn profiles.
  • Additional info – anything else I might need to know about the role or company. I’m a diligent researcher and will look at anything that is relevant.
  • Availability for a chat, or next steps – if you let me know when you’re free we can get started quicker.